Twitter Tips for Bloggers

We have already established that it’s important for bloggers to learn and understand social media. Twitter is one of many platforms that lets you share, connect and build a strong network. Lets talk about how Twitter can help you and your blog grow more.


Post Often

When you first learn how to use Twitter, it may be difficult to condense your thoughts into less than 140 characters but the more you challenge yourself to tweet, the better you will get. Try to use Twitter as a source for traffic and a way for people to hear and learn more about you and your blog. Share your blog posts as they’re published, schedule your tweets (in a strategic way) so people can read your content even while you are not online at that moment. Also, remember that you can re-share your content from the past as well, granted that it is still relevant and interesting.

Connect and Engage

A good way of becoming noticed by PR agencies is to network with them via social networks, specifically Twitter. It’s okay to spark up a conversation to peak their interest. If there is a fashion or beauty brand you really want to engage with, tweet your story or photo directly at them; this may grab their attention and could turn into something amazing!

Build a Network: Follow, Reply, Retweet, Share

Just like any journey (think Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones), in order to become successful one must build a strong following. Try to establish a community among a few bloggers that you get along with; it’s a nice gesture to retweet and share some of their content and when you post yours, they will hopefully return the favour. Take time out of your day to read what your followers have to say and respond to some accordingly; this helps keep the interactivity going and people will recognize that you are not just a bot and will notice your tweets more often on Twitter.

(Written by Anum Khan, SummerxSkin)

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