Get to Know: Blossom Lounge

While we all love the big brands, it’s the independent voices that keeps the creativity engine chugging along. One of our favorites in that realm is Blossom Lounge. Launched originally in 2004, the boutique is a great of example of what you can create. We’re really excited to have Blossom Lounge back as a partner this year. Read the Q & A below to learn more about them.

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Tell us about your Brand?

Blossom Lounge is a curator of fashion and beauty, focusing on unique bath & body, skincare, fragrance, accessories and clothing for woman & men. Since 2004, Blossom Lounge has introduced several international brands to the Canadian marketplace and has continued to be a destination both online and in-store.


What do you have in store for the holiday season that you’re really excited about? 

Fully stocked with cult followings such as One Love Organics, LoveFresh and Tocca Beauty. So excited to re-introduce to the Blossom Lounge shelves the newly designed Lalicious (famous for their sugar souffle) and Leila Lou by Rosie Jane. Also, gorgeous holiday colours in our Rebecca Minkoff collection and cozy knits by Left on Houston.

What makes you want to partner with Spark Sessions? 

Canadians have a distinct voice and an eye for beauty & fashion, and we love that Spark Sessions encourages and provides the right tools to help grow of a strong social media presence in our country. When I first launched Blossom Lounge in 2004, the prime blogs focusing on fashion and beauty were mainly American based. There was little to no discussion on the Canadian scene, and I’m happy to see that our country now has a powerful voice in the industry.



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