How to Earn Money as a Blogger

 Not everyone starts a blog to earn money, but you’d be lying if you said that learning how to earn money as a blogger wasn’t one of many things that you’re curious about when you first start writing your thoughts down. Yes, you started your blog because you have something to share, and want to create your own space on the internet. But, you’ve most likely heard of bloggers who use their bloggers as their primary source of revenue or, at least make enough to be able to justify the amount of time they spend online.

Yes, you started your blog because you have something to share, and wanted to create your own space on the internet. But, you’ve most likely heard of bloggers who use their bloggers as their primary source of revenue or, at least make enough to be able to justify the amount of time they spend online, too.

The beauty of the online world is that your income possibilities are endless. Yes, it takes hard work, research and a little creative thinking, but there are some of the easiest ways for how to make money as a blogger.

But, before we get into making money from your blog, there are a few things that you need to master first. Creating a blog that you can make money from does have some upfront costs (but not all investments are smart!).

Here are a few places that we recommend spending your money on:

  1. Hosting (We recommend Siteground!)
  2. Branding- logo, webdesign
  3. Content- it is king after all
  4. Good photography (learn how to use Instagram properly)



There are a ton of ways to make money as blogger- particularily as a fashion or beauty blogger. Think about it- you review and test products out, and your readers trust your opinion and want to know where to buy those items, so it’s only natural to not link out to the product because a) it makes their life easier, and b) you get a small commission?

It’s a win-win.

You’re leaving the power in your readers’ hands and you’re giving them the information they need to make an educated choice.

Not sure how to get started, or how to become an affliate of a specific company? Look in their website footer for the word “affliate”. More often than not, they’ll have page that will tell exactly how you can become part of their network.

Some of the most popular ones are:

  1. RewardStyle
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Share-A-Sale
  4. VigLink
  5. Amazon


There are quite a few different ways to get sponsored ads/posts on your blog, but the two most popular ways are:

  1. A brand can reach out to you directly
  2. PR agency or you work via an ad network.

Ad networks are the brokers that brands hire to handle getting sponsored posts on a bunch of different sites at the same time. There are almost always part of a bigger campaign that the brands have going on, and fit under the content marketing umbrella. The beauty of working with an ad network is that you’re on the list for multiple brands- not just one.

While most of these posts are single post campaigns, your chances of becoming a brand ambassador increase significantly, too.

Most blog networks also offer paid products, sidebar ads along with sponsored posts.

Here are some of the popular ones:

  1. Madein
  3. Tribe113
  4. The Blogger Network



This might not be for everyone, but selling the precious sidebar space is also a very lucrative way to earn those extra dollars. Personally, I hate advertising for other people in my sidebar when I could be creating products or getting more eyeballs on my own things, but I understand that not everyone thinks that way. As such, your sidebar is a valuable asset and real estate and you should treat it as such.

If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks via sponsor ads, I would recommend using Passionfruit Ads– possibly the easiest way to get those ads up.


Yes, you read that right! You can make money off your social channels, too! One of the best ways to learn how to earn money as a blogger is by considering your social assests as another income stream and treating them as such. Brands are starting to pay attention to your social channels are stand-alones.

What does that mean? 

Well, it means that you can command money to create content and post things on your Instagram, Twitter, FB or Snapchat profiles. Brands know that readers consume content on the go, and using your channel is an easy way to get in front of those readers.

Want to make your social channels more appealing for brands? Here a few simple tips:

  1. Create eye-catching images
  2. Tag the brands where applicable
  3. Be consistent
  4. Build a relationship with the brands just like you do with your readers.


You might have noticed that we mentioned a bunch of different ways to use your blog to sell other people’s stuff. The truth is that you’ll still be at their mercy.

One of the best ways to monetize your blog and learn how to make money as a blogger is to create and sell your own products and services.

Yep- your own products! (Check out Unsettle if you’re looking for ideas on how to get started.)

Running a blog takes work. Running a successful blog takes that much more work. So, think about what you’ve learned, if those skills or hacks will make other bloggers’, or your readers’ lives easier and save them time. And if they do, then people will pay money for to learn.

This could be an Instagram course, or selling your own products on your blog or on Esty, or teaching others how to use their camera. The sky is the limit. Sit down and make a list of what you’re good at.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Teach workshops
  2. E-courses
  3. Digital services- graphic design, blog design 
  4. Etsy shop
  5. Twitter Parties

How to earn money as a blogger


The key is understanding that everything takes time. You won’t start your blog today, and start making money tomorrow. One of the best ways to position your blog so you can earn money from your blog are the following is creating a brand that stands out, and provides value:

  1. Create great content
  2. Connect with your readers
  3. Network- go to conferences, workshops, join Facebook groups
  4. Have a consistent brand

Doing all of those things not only make your blog successful but sets you up for success.

What about you? What are you key ways to make money online!?


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