How to Start A Blog

Starting is a blog is a lot easier that most people think. In fact, you can start a blog with HostGator in less than 15 mins. Seriously, it doesn’t take that long. Not all of us have a ton of money to spend money on something that might be a hobby to start. Don’t get […]

The Basics of SEO for Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Most of us don’t really think of SEO for fashion and beauty blogs, but it’s a gold mine of traffic out there if we put a tiny bit of work before we publish our posts.  The simplest way to understand search engines is to picture a giant machine that reads (crawls) everything on the web […]

Content is King: The Secrets to an Effective Content Calendar

Let it be known that your blog is only as good as its content. That refers to the information within it and the visual aspects, such as photos (hello, Instagram!). This doesn’t mean you need to inundate your friends and followers with pictures of your morning coffee, as pretty as the swirl in [...]

15 of the Most Popular Post Ideas

Ran of out blog post ideas? Yeah, we’ve been there. Instead of not posting anything, we rely on our handy list of the most popular post ideas to get us over writer’s block. Go on and use the list – it’s helped us many times. 15 of the Most Popular Post Ideas to Help Grow [...]

Blogger vs WordPress: Picking the Right Platform for your Blog

One of the most common questions I get asked as a blog designer are the key differences between Blogger vs WordPress, and if I prefer one over the other. Most people are really curious about whether moving from Blogger to WordPress is worth the trouble and the investment that comes with [...]