1. What is Spark Sessions?

Spark Sessions is a series of interactive conference for Canada’s fashion and beauty influencer community. Attendees connect with each other, learn to create more compelling content, and discover new trends in the Canada’s digital landscape.

2. How long has Spark Sessions been around?

The first Spark Sessions was held in the Fall of 2013. There are also a series of Spark Sessions workshops that take place quarterly.

3. Where is Spark Sessions being held?

Spark Sessions is held in different locations every year.

4. Who should attend Spark Sessions?

Anyone who enjoys new media (i.e. blogging, social media) and fashion and beauty.

5. How can I get updates about the conference?

The best way to get current information about the conference is to go to join the email list. You can also connect with Spark Sessions through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

6. Who is Spark Sessions?

Spark Sessions  is Spark Sessions Inc., a non-profit corporation based in Toronto. Find out more about the Spark Sessions team.

Spark Sessions Passes & Registration

7. If I am unable to attend, can I receive a refund on my Spark Sessions Conference pass?

We do not offer refunds. However, you can transfer your pass to another attendee for free.

8. How do I transfer my Spark Sessions pass to someone else?

You can transfer your pass to another attendee for free until our deadline. After that deadline you are not able to transfer a pass. To transfer your pass, simply email Marissa@sparksessions.ca

9. Can I transfer my pass to use next year?

No, we cannot transfer a pass to next year’s conference? You can, however, transfer your pass to another attendee. See instructions above.

10. What is the difference between the passes?

There are two major types of passes you can purchase to attend Spark Sessions: the Blogger Conference Pass and the PR/Industry Pass.

The Influencer Pass is intended for attendees who are going to Spark Sessions to learn how to create online content (i.e. the editorial side of the business).

The PR/Industry Pass is intended for attendees who go to Spark Sessions primarily to market services to other attendees (i.e. public relations, marketing, service providers, etc.).

11. Do you offer day passes or spouse passes?

No, we do not. Everyone who attends Spark Sessions (sessions, meals, parties, etc.) needs to register and have a badge on at all times.

12. Do you offer discounts or student passes?

We do offer discounts to prior attendees for their participation in a post-conference survey. We do not typically offer student passes, but email us at info@sparksessions.ca and we can discuss it further.

13. Do you offer virtual passes?

No, not this year.

14. Will there be a Spark Sessions 2016? Where? When?

Yes. Join the Spark Sessions Mailing List to stay informed.

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Sponsorship & Giveaways

15. I’m interested in sponsoring. Who should I contact?

View the sponsor opportunities. Then, contact Marissa Anwar at sponsor@sparksessions.ca

16. Is it possible for me to donate books or items to attendees?

We have a tote bag insert sponsorship for this. View the sponsor opportunities.

17. I would like to host a meetup or off-site event during Spark Sessions. Is that allowed?

Yes. We have an event sponsorship for this. View the sponsor opportunities.

Spark Sessions Speakers

18. I’m interested in speaking at Spark Sessions. How do you select speakers?

Speakers are chosen from a pool of submissions that result from an open submission process that takes place in the Spring. Speaker submissions are now closed. Join the email list to stay informed.

19. What topics do speakers usually cover at Spark Sessions?

Attendees like sessions that help them create and deliver better online content. We have sessions on content innovation and “the future of” various  topics, as well as writing, publishing, podcasting, and producing video.

Attendees also love content that helps them build a better community around their personal brand.

Finally, attendees love sessions that help them leverage their great content and brand to make money. Topics covered: lead/client generation, adsense and other contextual advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, brand ambassadorships, etc.

If you want to speak on a  topic it needs to be cutting edge, very exciting material that attendees could not get elsewhere.

Spark Sessions Schedule & Events

20. Does Spark Sessions have a mobile app?


21. Where’s the schedule?

View the agenda.

22. Do I really need to wear my Spark Sessions badge during the entire conference?

Yes. Please wear it at all times, even during evening events.

Toronto / Travel Details

23. Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?


24. I would like to find a roommate to help split the cost of a hotel room. Can you help me with that?

Sure. Details coming soon.

More Planning Information

25. What meals should I plan to pay for?

Plan to pay for your dinner each night. Spark Sessions will provide breakfast and lunch.

26. What’s the weather going to be like?

It’s Toronto. Be prepared for all four seasons.

27. Should I bring business cards?

Yes. There will be plenty of opportunities to network.

28. Can I bring my family or children with me to Spark Sessions?

We encourage you to take advantage of the trip to enjoy some personal time with your family. However, non-pass holding spouses and children are encouraged to remain out of the conference rooms and expo hall.

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